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The Future of Protein

“Food and medicine are not two different things: they are the front and back of one body.
The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”
– Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution.

Who we are

F-Care Asia supports Agri-Food-Tech startups, who create innovative foods in Plant-based areas, including plant-based meats, plant-based fish, alternative protein, super fiber extract, algae, cellular agriculture, and others. 

As an infrastructure arm of FHH Japan, we facilitate our affiliated companies and startups in ingredient sourcing, fact-checking, private labelling and distribution channels in Asia-Pacific and the U.S. market.

With our trusted network of farms and factories, we help improve transparency and efficiency of supply chain, minimizing food waste, increasing food safety and bringing back peace of mind to consumers. In the meantime, we support better livelihoods of small-scale farmers who grow those foods.

Our work, as part of FHH Ventures, led by FHH Japan in Asia, focuses on Green Transition to achieve Low carbon, Resource efficiency, and Socially inclusivity.  

Our work adheres to United Nations Development Goals.​

The Problem

Let us tell Why? 

  • As for Farmers, 63% of world population who work in Agriculture, are living in Poverty. Majority are small-scale farmers, who earn only 6 cents for every $1 they produce. Furthermore, farmers are highly vulnerable to climate change and receive only 1.7% global climate finance.
  • As for Consumers, food price keeps increasing, and a stagnant and inefficient supply chain is the major contributing factor. Furthermore, consumers have concerns about Food Safety – what is in their food, where the ingredients come from, due to a nontransparent supply chain.

Let’s change that. 

The Solution

Let us tell How. 

No one can achieve things alone. We hold hands with Industry Experts, aligning with the Value chain from Food – Farm – Factory, incorporating emerging technologies, to innovate Plant Agriculture, Food Trust and Supply Chain areas to solve the Problem. Specifically,

  • Transform the Supply Chain in Plant agriculture to provide an honest and efficient Track and Traceability about Ingredients and Food to provide healthier food options with more affordable prices for Consumers. 
  • Transfer the Surplus from Cost reduction thanks to more efficient Supply Chain, to the farmers who grow that food, so they could have more decent livelihoods. 
  • Facilitate an effective Supply Chain with different distribution channels in Plant Agriculture, and encourage farmers to build climate resilience and receive climate finance for better and greener livelihoods. 

Let’s act together.

Our Services

We act as an infrastructure company to facilitate Plant-based ingredients sourcing, fact-checking, private labelling and distribution channels in Asia-Pacific as well as the Local-to-Global strategy with the U.S. market. 

Plant Ingredient Sourcing

We provide Sourcing services of Plant-based ingredients to those Startups and Brands we work with throughout our affiliated and trusted Farms, Factories in Asia-Pacific. All our Farms and Factories are vetted with qualified certifications in Sanitary and Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice.

Independent Fact-checking

We provide Independent Fact-checking service to those Startups and Brands we work with to verify information related to ingredients, farming and manufacturing processes and certifications. Our work ensure the information are factually corrected and reduce risks in  Cross-border Trade business.

Private Label Vetting

We provide Private Label Vetting service to those Startups and Brands, that we work with, to ensure the information provided on the label of their products is factually correct and complied with local rules and regulations of the market where the product will be penetrated.

Distribution Facilitating

We provide the Distribution Facilitating service to those Startups and Brands, that we work with, to build out suitable distribution channels and accelerate their go-to-market process, while helping them reduce the risk of Commercialization failure.

Clients we serve


We provide our insights in consumer behaviors and emerging trends, and collaborate with private brands to develop new products, manage risk and elevate healthier lifestyle for targeted consumers.

Food & Beverage

We supply high-quality ingredients and provide business intelligence in pricing structure and go-to-market strategy to help private brands increase competitive edges in the market.


We provide nature-based extracts and ingredients which offer supplemental functionalities in many different pharmaceutical products. Our ingredients and products are originated from Japan. 

Beauty Care

We provide nature-based extracts and ingredients with functionalities to enhance healthy skin for different types of cosmeceutical products. Our ingredients and products are originated from Japan.

Products we supply

Our food ingredients and agricultural products are from our trusted farms and factories. Our partnered farms use microbial and non-chemical farming techniques. Our partnered factories always maintain Good Manufacturing Practices, high quality of Food Sanitary and Safety, High Ethics & Environmental Protection.


We partner with more than 50 farms and factories in our network in Vietnam. Ranking at the 16th in the world in terms of exports of agricultural products, Vietnam produces many agricultural products which hold top positions in world exports such as  cashew nuts, coffee, tea, pepper, etc. 

For more details, contact us: 

Cashew Nuts

Robusta Beans

Shan Tea Leaves







Chili Pepper

Star Anise



We provide the finest and highest quality ingredients, materials and products from our reliable and long term partners who are top in the Health Food, Pharmaceutical, Wellness and Beauty Care industry in Japan, with GMP and JAS standards.

We partner with more than 10 farms and factories in our Japan network. For more details, contact us:

Barley Extract




Green Tea

Black Tea

Genmai Tea

Houji Tea


Our products are sourced from partnered farms and factories who maintain Good Manufacturing Practices, high quality of Food Sanitary and Safety, High Ethics & Environmental Protection and other industry certifications.

Let's together eat more plant-based food for our Better Health,
and help reduce Carbon Emission for our Better Earth...

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